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OKlahoma PEER Assistance Program/substance ise

by ChiFiona ChiFiona (New) New Nurse

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I’m currently in FLorida’s IPN (intervention project for nurses) and plan to move, possibly, to Oklahoma. What is the PEER assistance program like in OK and how long are the contracts?? Any advice on moving into the program from another state? Thanks! 


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No idea about moving from another state but Oklahoma's program is a minimum of 2 years, maximum of 5 years. Completion of recommendations from a LADC (mine was IOP and 6 months of individual counseling). Must work as an RN for 1 year with narcotics privileges for 6 months before they will consider you for release (alternatively you can complete the program in 5 years without working as an RN). Weekly nurse support groups, and 12 AA/NA meetings per month. Check-in everyday for drug testing. Monthly self-assessments. That's pretty much it! Not too bad once you get the hang of it. Let me know if you have any other questions. I've been in for almost two years.