Where shall I work, after graduating

  1. ignore what was asked I can figure it out on my own.
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  3. by   nurstiff
    I know that you withdrew your post but I thought it was a good thought for someone just graduating from nursing school. I had a lot of ideas where I wanted to work and was sacred to death to jump into 50 feet of water and not know how to swim. I was also terrified since one of our nursing instructors kept telling us that nurses eat their young and that the older nurses would make our lives miserable.

    Well it has been over 4 years since gradation and I have worked for a hospital, a private physician, a hospital owned physicians group, and now I do research. None of those jobs were perfect but I had to find the one that fit me. Just don't limit your self to the positions that they tell you about in nursing school. There are far more options, research is one of those positions that they never tell you about. It can be quite interesting and provide you with many number of options.

    Good luck