Tulsa externships at OSU vs Hillcrest

  1. Ok, so I have applied for summer externships to both of these places and I already have the OSU position (should I choose to take it), I don't know about hillcrest, but I feel good about it. Anywho, they both do their externships differently. Hillcrest, you give em ur top 3 choices and you end up externing all summer in one of those places (hopefully). So my top 3 choices were labor & delivery, NICU, then peds. Well at OSU med center, it's a ten week program where you choose where you want to go each day. You can pick a different floor each time you go into work or if you find a floor you like, you can choose to stay on that floor each time you work. OSU's program is really appealing to me, because while I know those areas I like, there's also a whole lot I haven't got to experience yet and their program sounds like a good way to get a feel for a lot of different areas. So I was just wondering if anyone had done an externship in either of these places, and what's your take on it? Or even if you haven't and you work there, and have any advice, I'd love that too!
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