RN grad March 2010 -networking to area recruiters

  1. i am a lpn-rn student set to graduate in march 2010. i am currently in my leadership role and would like to find a job before commencement. i have about 6 months lpn experience in the last year from an ltac facility. i quit because that was not the area for me and i was not going to settle! i want to find a job in pediatrics picu or er. i come from a family of self starters, leaders. i own my own successful business alongside my husband so i need the challenge of an icu or er setting. i have excellent professional skills and possess superb critical thinking skills for a novice. i'm located in the edmond, ok area and would love to find a job in one of these areas. any suggestions on where to look and any specific persons on whom i could talk too?
    trying to network with my fellow okc metro area nursing colleagues.

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