1. Is anyone planning to apply R.S.U spring 2105? or currently taking pre-req at R.S.U who lives in Tulsa. Please let me know.
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  3. by   momtoo5
    I'm taking pre-reqs right now. I live in Claremore.
  4. by   hima
    Thanks for your reply. I live in Tulsa. I have to take dosoage and fundamental pharmacology.R u taking your pre-reqs in R.S.U campus? When u r planning to apply nursing program? I am thinking to apply 2013 Feb. I have to travel from Tulsa lol.
  5. by   hima
    oops! 2015 Feb.
  6. by   MrsNursingStudent
    I got into the RSU nursing program, I start this fall. I took all of my pre-reqs at the Claremore campus and I also live in Tulsa.