1. Hello All,

    I currenlty live in Dallas, from OKC originally, and am completing prereqs to apply for the ABSN Program at OU. I will apply in the fall of 2009 to start in June 2010.

    Are there any student (present or past) that know what GPA will be needed to be competitive?


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  3. by   heebes743
    Hi! Hope this isn't too late! I am currently in the '09 ABSN class graduating August 1. Any GPA will work. Although they do have a minimum of 2.75 I think, they are mainly looking at your grades in the prereqs. As an Engineering major, I did not have a 3.9 GPA like my Psych major classmates. I don't even have a 3.0 for that matter, and I got in and am doing great. The GPA is mainly an initial "weeding-out" factor for the application process, but really what's most important to them are your prereq grades.
    Hope this helps, and good luck!
  4. by   Learn2Nurse
    If you are in Texas and you already have a bachelors degree then have you considered Texas Women's University? They have a program that you can earn a master degree in nursing if you already have a bachelors in any other field. It is two years though. The master degree in not a nurse practitioner though. You have to go through the PHd program to do that. You might check in to that.