OU 2013 acceptance letter for ABSN/Early BSN admission

  1. Sorry if another another topic has been posted about this but I just needed a quick update to reassure that almost all acceptance/rejection letters have been sent out. Can anyone confirm this (I contacted *** through email and awaiting reply)? I checked the mail today 10/25/2012 and I still haven't received anything from OUHSC. I turned my application in about a month or two early before September 1st I believe was the deadline for OU (OKC) ABSN and my application is complete besides the need transcripts for my ongoing classes. If anyone can inform me on this asap it would be great because I am stressed and anxoius.
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  3. by   oilsooner
    The admissions decisions are supposed to be mailed out on the 16th of November. Also, there is another thread on OU admissions for this cycle somewhere that should answer some of the questions you posted in your other thread.

    Good luck!