OSU-OKC CNA class - paid for?

  1. Okay on June 4th I start the CNA class at CNA, and I paid for it, well I was wondering if I can get my money back? Because me and dumb self is thinking about changing my major =( I either want to be a nurse or a teacher. I just have no idea right now, and if do this CNA class and I decide to teach thats a waste of almost $500 bucks.. Can someone tell me if I can or not? I want someone to get the chance to take the class who knows for a fact that they want this.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    I would think you would need to chat to the admin office and see if refundable
  4. by   iwillact
    I took the CNA class with them in tulsa and it cost nothing...but.. I am supposed to work as a CNA in LTC for at least 12 months over the next two years, even part time. Good luck.