Oklahoma City University Spring 2012 Acceptance?

  1. Hi Everyone =)! I just got my acceptance letter from Oklahoma City University for the Accelerated BSN program starting in January 2012. I was wondering if any of you have also been accepted to the same program? =) It would be a great to chat with some of you and get to know you before the start of a new school year =D! Also, if anyone has already completed this program, did you love it? hate it?

    Thanks =D!
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  3. by   Buddy2003
    Hi. I am currently applying to OKCU's accelerated nursing program, as it appears you did when you wrote this question, and now I would like your feedback on your experiences in the program. My application is currently under review, so the sooner the better with a response...
  4. by   Buddy2003
    I am currently awaiting an admission decision from Oklahoma City University regarding my application to their accelerated nursing program. If anyone can provide input on their or someone else's experience in this program, I would greatly appreciate it. So far as existing input, there are a few forums on here which claim that OKCU's program weeds out students to kick them out of the program, as well as their acceptance policy being generally questionable to coincide with this. Anyways, input of any kind will be helpful. Thank you.
  5. by   WideOpenHeart
    All I know is that it is much, much, much more expensive than OU's program.