OCU-Kramer School of Nursing Spring 2016

  1. Hello,

    I will be going to OCU's Kramer School of Nursing beginning Spring 2016 and just wanted to see if anyone else will be attending? Curious to meet and talk with my future classmates.
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  3. by   Future28
    If you have to wait a year to go to another nursing school. DO IT!!!.....This school don't teach you. Professors don't know how to teach ONLY health assessment professor. Make you take math exam for all courses and must pass with 80% or 90% or you failed the course...HOW DUMB! This is NOT accounting or math school. They don't show you how to solve it, No tutor on campus. YES! I understand dosage calculations. Others schools teach you and you take it for pharmacology or one time dosage class...THEY DONT TEACH...THEY LIE ALOT....DONT TRUST THE TEACHERS INCLUDING THEIR GOOD MORNING!!! THEY ARE NOT ENCOURAGING!!! PLEASE GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!
  4. by   CeSoirLeCiel
    I'll be starting the school of nursing in the spring, but I'll be on campus in the fall to finish up my general prerequisites. Are you already a student there, or is that just when you're planning to transfer?
  5. by   Future28
    Please look for another nursing school...You will thank me later!
  6. by   prettybritty3
    How is everything going? Are you liking the program?