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  1. I just passed my boards and I live 45 min. from Tulsa. I can't seem to find a job that does not require 1 year of nursing first!! What can I do to establish that year if I cant get hired without a year of exp.?!?!
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  3. by   noah'smommy
    it depends on when you graduated. i 've been asking the same question, so far no answers. I just passed my boards this year, However, I graduated in 2004. And after graduation I had a baby(pleasant suprise)and due to medical reasons I could not work. but now i'm healthy and happy and ready to work. but I've been told by one hospital that I have nothing to bring to the table. Even though I am a RN, BSN. so if you find out please let me know. Good Luck
  4. by   LanaBanana
    Apply for the jobs that say they want 1 year experience, regardless of if you have it. Most hospitals will take you anyway. I work at St John and we get new grads all the time! PM me if you have any specific questions.