nclex help!

  1. can anybody help me and give me any advice for taking the test...... I try to study everyday and i read the saunders disc,book, and the kaplan book. Sometimes i feel no matter what i read i'm still missing or forgetting something, is this normal?
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  3. by   Acrlady
    That's the way I was and felt. :typing I studied everything I could get my hands on and still felt like I would never pass that fool NCLEX. I was so nervous on test day, I missed the turnoff to the testing site :uhoh21: and had to turn around and go back. This is 2.5 hours before the test time of course. To make it even worse there was snow on the ground and I was already a nervous wreck. I did pass the test tho, so I guess sweatin the small stuff was worth it. At least I am an LPN now! I even have most of my fingernails left!