L&D in OKC

  1. My husband got his assignment notification, we are headed to Tinker AFB! I am pretty excited, I was stationed there when I was in the Air Force. I have become an RN since leaving and will be looking for a job once we get settled. I have 4 yrs L&D experience. I have worked high risk OB in a busy teaching hospital and in a smaller military hospital, so I am comfortable in either setting. If you are an L&D nurse in OKC where do you work? What do you love about your job? Do any of the hospitals have an employee daycare? What's the job market like in OKC?
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  3. by   marilynmom
    I am not a L&D nurse but I do see job openings for them around here often. I think with your experience you will not have a problem finding a good job. I think most of the hospitals around here are good. Check out OUMed Center, Baptist, Norman, Moore Medical Center, Saints, etc.

    Right now the new grads are having a hard time finding a job here, but experienced nurses are not.
  4. by   LDRNMOMMY
    That is a huge relief! Thank you so much for the information.