ICTC LPN Program

  1. I will be taking the teas test for the ICTC LPN Prog. in Sallisaw. Anyone else planning on enrolling at ICTC for the 2011 yr ?
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  3. by   025half
    I am planning on attending Indian Capital in Muskogee. I just took my TEAS test yesterday and scored above what is needed but I want my scores to be higher. Have you already taken the test?
  4. by   Tippy-ta-ta
    No I haven't I take it on the 24th of this month. Do they look at the overall score or just the math and reading scores ? I've been studying the McGraw-Hills book but the science is so broad I don't know what all I need to study.
  5. by   025half
    They only look at the math and the reading. I used the McGraw-Hill's book to study and the only thing that it helped me with was the Science. I studied that book for about 2-3 hours a day and I felt like I wasted my time once I got my scores. After you take the test you will be able to look at your results on the ATI website about 4 hours later and it will also tell you the average scores of the people that took the test with you.
  6. by   Tippy-ta-ta
    Did the book not help with the math part?? I have been studying since Jan. Hope it helps me. Is the test hard at all ??
  7. by   025half
    It didn't help me at all on the math. That was the main subject in the book that I studied everyday. The test was pretty hard for me because it wasn't what I had been studying. I felt prepared based off of the McGraw-Hill's book but most of the math on the test was a lot more simple then what I had been studying. I was trying to make it more difficult then it was. I decided to get the actual TEAS study guide and take it one more time to try and get my scores in the 90's, because my test scores are the only thing that I will have going for me.
  8. by   025half
    Oh yeah, there was about 30 people taking the test when I did and the overall average score of the group was 55.6. The national average on this test is 63.3. It's pretty difficult.
  9. by   Tippy-ta-ta
    Oh great..so nothing from the mcgraw hills book was on the test ?? I am so nervous about it. I hope that all this algebra that i have been studying will help me out...I'm not to worried about the reading, I'm a pretty good reader. I read books i dont even like just cause i'm bored. Its just been over 20 yrs since i took algebra. But some of it is coming back to me. Do you know how many are accepted per class ?
  10. by   025half
    You should do pretty good on the math. Just don't try to make it harder then it is. That was my problem. The reading is definately the easiest part of the test. I don't know how many are accepted; I was gonna ask u the same question. I did look on the Oklahoma State Board of Nursing to see their pass rate and it showed that in 2009 only 16 people took the test.
  11. by   Tippy-ta-ta
    Really ? Is that just for ICTC ?
  12. by   025half
    Yes, it broke down each ICTC campus individually and told how many took the test and the % that passed on the first attempt. I think it was 16 from the Sallisaw campus and 16 from the Muskogee campus and less from the other two.
  13. by   Tippy-ta-ta
    Well I will be taking my test at 8:30 am. Please say a prayer that I do well and I will let you know how it goes.
  14. by   025half
    Good luck! You will do great! You can also check your results on the ATI website at about 3:00 today, maybe a little sooner!