hesi at Oklahoma State

  1. Hello again!
    Does anybody know what is the deal with the HESI test to apply at Oklahoma State?
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  3. by   Goodoldnurse
    This is a test to see how well you test and what level you are at scholastically. It is used at many nursing schools to enter. We use HESI many times during the course of school. It is a good test.
  4. by   sergiol
    I see. That poses some kind of a problem for me. Since I was planning to transfer to the OSU nursing progran this fall. I cannot go to OK to take the test before the deadline, and there is nowhere in Oregon where I can take it and transfer the scores there (there are not even books for the test here at the university library, totally unheard of here where I live). So I guess I will have to wait to get admitted to OSU and take the test for next Spring.
  5. by   sergiol
    Thanks for the info, GoodolNurse