Future new grad moving to Tulsa

  1. Hi guys!

    So I am currently a nursing student from Chicago that will hopefully be graduating Spring 2018. I recently got engaged and will be married after graduation and move to Tulsa. I plan to start an online BSN program Fall 2018 but want to work as a new RN at the same time.

    Problem is I have no idea how the Tulsa new grad job market is like. I did some research on pay and it seems that new grads are looking at $25/hr? Does this sound about right? I don't know where to start in regards to learning more about job availability and what the different hospitals are like. For example, in Chicago, I know the job market and the reputation of certain hospitals (magnet status etc.)

    I'm currently a PCT at a well-respected magnet hospital in Chicago and hate to leave

    -Can anybody tell me about the job market for new grads in Tulsa?
    -Does the pay sound about right?
    -What are some of the better hospitals to work for in the Tulsa area (40 mile radius or so)

    Any input helps!
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  3. by   alwayslulu
    The pay seems right. Best in the Tulsa Area are St. Francis, St. John's and Hillcrest.
  4. by   outriton
    I started as a new grad in OKC in 2015 at about $22/hr, so that sounds right for 2017 in the Tulsa area. Good luck!