Endorsement from WA to OK ,foreign nurse

  1. Hi
    I am currently endorsing my WA license to OK. As you know I have to deal with CGFNS.I pass my nclex rn 5yr ago,do not have CGFNS CP. And CGFNS has all my documents(transcript, the nsg and science course by course ect). So Oklahoma require the nursing and science course by course and transcript directly from CGFNS.
    How do I do? I read CES report in cgfns web site, but
    its too expensive $328 to have CES report and I already submitted all these papers to CGFNS in 2003
    when I apply to my original license (NY). The cgfns has all my information.
    Yesterday I talk to OK board of nsg explaning all this situation.They need to receive only copy of these requirement.
    I only need copy from cgfns to OK board of nsg. Do I need to still spend $328 to do CES report? I will contact CGFNS but you know how difficult to deal with them.. I had bad experience with cgfns service in the past...

    Anyone know about this endorsement processing?
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