Does anyone here work at St. Anthony's SSM in OK City?

  1. Hello,

    I'm in my last semester of my ADN program and am thinking about the opportunities available to me and what I should do after May. I currently work at an SSM hospital in southern Illinois and I would like to move back down south - so OK City or Tulsa seems like a good fit, preferably the former.

    Does anyone here work there and have any advice regarding transferring from one SSM to another? I see that a BSN is preferred but not required; I intend to pursue either my BSN or MSN after I get settled with the move and new job, would that help my chances or does it not really matter unless you actually have the BSN?

    I do intend to speak with my director of course, but I only ever work on weekends and am busy with school most of her weekday hours so that'll probably wait until Spring Break. Just looking for any advice.

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