CNA OKC before BSN, RN?

  1. I have a BA and I am looking into getting my BSN. Someone suggested that I get my CNA first to get experience while waiting to get into a program. They indicated that I would be ahead of the game. Does it make sense to do it that way? I work full-time. Will I be able to gain valuable experience on the side (nights, weekends). Any suggestions on CNA programs(other than OSU-OKC) I can do while working?
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  3. by   Heatherheartsou
    I always feel as though any nursing experience is a great way to get your foot in the door and start learning. CNA is great, and there are many technical schools you can go too. Heard good thing about Moore-Norman tech. I wouldn't kill yourself trying to work too much, but experience is always a +.
  4. by   Katy-NursingStudent
    This post is kinda old but I thought I would just let you know anyway that Moore-Norman vo-tech has a CNA program that is flexible and you can choose what time you want to come in and do your course work. Hope this helps...