BSN RN looking for CRNA to follow for a month or two

  1. Good Morning,
    Im a new grad BSN RN working in the SICU, I was just wanting to know if there were any CRNA's in oklahoma on these forum and if so would he or she mine if I followed them for a while to get a better feel of the job. If any CRNA is interseted please PM me with infromation.
    Thank You
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  3. by   numb_crna
    It is awsome that as a new nurse you are already looking to forward your education. If you are interested in becomming a CRNA you will need at least one year (although more experience is better) in a critical care area. I am not local to you but I can refer you to the Ok Assoc of Nurse Anesthetists. Contact one of the association's board members to try to be connected with a CRNA to shadow.

    You should also check out the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists website especially the section on "Becomming a CRNA" second tab down on upper left side of homepage.

    Good Luck