Best hospital ER in Tulsa? (New grad)

  1. Hello! In a few months I will graduate from nursing school and will be moving to Tulsa, OK. I would like to get a job in an emergency room, but I know very little about the area hospitals. Is it better to work for St. John, Saint Francis, or a different hospital system in the area? What is the reputation of the emergency rooms at those hospitals? Thank you for all input!!
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  3. by   bumpysauce
    MovingtoOK I am in a similar situation. Just found out my husband may be transferring to Tulsa and suddenly now I find myself in a very unfamiliar job market. I'm in DFW TX right now. Things are VERY competitive here. Many grads take a year to find a job. I will be getting my ADN from an excellent school in May. I know down here we start applying for grad rn jobs in Feb. Is it as competitive up there? What did you learn about the application process? What are the good hospitals? I'm especially interested in pediatrics, but I'll take anything!