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  1. Anyone know any info on Bacone College's nursing program? I have been accepted to attend starting this fall but I would like to know more information on the school from students who actually attend there or knows someone who attends there. Any additional info would be greatly appreciated thank you.
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  3. by   hdawnRN
    I had actually never heard of Bacone College until I was researching schools for my sister. I recommend that you check out the oklahoma board of nursing website... there you can find any nursing progam's first time NCLEX pass rate. This is a VERY important piece of information you should consider when chosing a school. The only reason Bacone stuck out to me was because it's first time NCLEX pass rate last year was 33%, the lowest of all schools in Oklahoma. Don't let that discourage you, however. Just take it as an extra piece of knowledge and make your choices wisely.
  4. by   ms.fit4
    I am applying to Bacone for next fall. Do you remember what your GPA/prereq grades were?
  5. by   StudentTiff
    I applied to Bacone College this year Feb.1 I really hope I get in I dont know what i would do if I didnt! I havent heard anything back from them should i get something in the mail from them? Im getting so anxious waiting. What was your GPA when you got accepted? how many students do they usually take a year?