Anyone have information on Pontotoc tech. in Ada?

  1. Hi. New member here! I just decided this year to become an LPN. I'm an aspiring midwife, but right now, I need something more stable that will put food on the table. I was wondering if anyone here has gone to, or knows someone who has gone to Pontotoc Tech. School in Ada? Or Wes Watkins Tech. Center in Wetumka? I would like any information as to what sort of admissions testing they use, basic length/difficulty of program, etc. I'm pretty nervous about this decision,as I was a homeschooled student, and have a GED. Attending a 'real' school is going to be a daunting experience, and I just want to know how and when to do everything so as not to completely embarrass myself too much. Thanks!
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  3. by   sunny1959
    Pontotoc has a good program I have worked with several nurses from that area.
  4. by   Lucina11
    Thanks! My neighbor went there as well, but it was over twenty years ago, so she wasn't sure if it was still good.