ACNP Program

  1. Hey guys! I am a BSN RN working in an ICU. I am to begin studies at Wichita State University in the fall and I am leaning towards the ACNP pathway. I was wondering what is the job market for the ACNP in OKlahoma? Has anyone attended the program and what did u think of it? thanks
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  3. by   nurstiff
    I worked for an ACNP while in nursing school and after graduation. (I was a Medical Asst.) She spoke very highly of the program at OU. She did have concerns for some other programs but she did go to OU. I don't know how easy it was for her to find a job in OK. She worked with a great physician in a private practice.

    She was very good and had no problems with employment when she and her husband moved out of state. She was able to pick and choose where she wanted to work.

    Hope this was of some help.