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oklahoma board of nursing

[sOUNDCLOUD][/sOUNDCLOUD]i am a new immigrant , trying to register at oklahoma board of nursing, but while processing the appoication I found out that theirs is quite complicated unlike any other states, aside from Visa Screening , they request new current results of ielts , e/das or ces , which all coming from cgfns

and paid separately when having visa screening issued you had already submitted all those same documents from them , don't you think its really a

money making for both of the institutions , are they all connected to each other?

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Silverdragon102, BSN

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No they are not connected in any way... Visa screen is a federal requirement

IF they are only giving you one choice to do like CES, then yes there is some kind of kick back or bribe going to Oklahoma Board of Nursing in order to limit competition.

Most states from what I have seen will give you at least 3 to 4 choices of companies to choose from.


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