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OKCU: Kramer nursing Fall 2014

KAN44 KAN44 (New) New

Hey guys,

Is there anyone else out there who will be starting this fall 2014 at Kamer school of nursing?

It would be nice to meet other nursing students out there as well as get some helpful information! :) I will be starting there this fall 2014 and I'm doing the accelerated nursing program. I'm really excited and very nervous at the same time! I live in Texas, but I am originally from California so I don't know much about Oklahoma. Thank you so much!!! :)

I'm starting the accelerated program this fall also.

hey everyone! I was looking into OKCU for Spring 15'. Since you guys were accepted, I wanted to find out if you had to take an admissions test or any other important info for applying? @KAN44 I am in the same boat as you! I am originally from Nevada, currently live in Texas but willing to relocate wherever I get accepted. If you're living in Texas, OK won't be much different, just that there is more cultural and social things in Texas especially in the big cities. Congrats and Good luck on starting nursing school this fall! :)