Okay I'm sorry here's another......

by Joe,RN Joe,RN Member

There was this little old lady sitting out on the porch with her little dog. All at once, in a puff of smoke, a fairy appeared. She told the old lady. "I am your fairy godmother and I have been looking for you. I apologize for being so late but I still have three wishes to grant you. What would you wish?" The old lady thought for a minute and said, "Could you make me young and beautiful again?" With a wave of the magic wand the old lady was young and beautiful! The fairy asked, "and what for your second wish?" The young and beautiful lady replied, "I guess I would like to be rich!" With another wave of the magic wand, her chair turned to solid gold and bags of money surrounded her. The fairy asked, "and what for your third and final wish?" The beautiful young lady said, "could you change my little dog here, into a handsome prince?" With a wave of the magic wand the little dog was turned into a most handsome prince. The fairy turned around and vanished leaving the beautiful young lady and the handsome prince staring lovingly into each other's eyes. The handsome prince leaned over and whispered into the young lady's ear, "I bet you're sorry you had me neutered now!"

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