OK to mention CNM at interview?


I'm interviewing for a Women and Infant Services float position on Wednesday. If asked my 10 year plan, is it okay to say I'd like to be a nurse midwife? And for 5 year plan, can I say I'd like to be an IBCLC, but while still working on the floor?


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I got my RN job and told them I was already applying for my MSN program and going back for FNP. I still got the job. I also switched over to a different department and warned them of the same thing...that I'd be graduating in about 3 years. They still wanted me also.

Most nurses only stay at a job a few years anyway it seems. They don't expect everybody to stay until they retire.

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Yeah, I think it's fine. The last L&D job I had, I mentioned that I was starting a CNM program later that year, and they seemed impressed and enthusiastic about it.