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  1. Hey all!
    I just graduated from an accelerated BSN program and have been accepted to OSU and vandy's full time FNP programs. I would love to work as a floor nurse at least 24 hours per week during my master's program. I know it would be tough/impossible at vandy (know several people who've gone there) but I'm wondering if anyone could shed light what the time commitment at osu entails. I am no longer concerned with maintaining a top notch GPA but do want to master all the skills that would allow me to be a proficient FNP. Can anyone who has gone/is going to OSU give me some insight?? Many thanks!!!
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  3. by   Larry2016
    I haven't gone to OSU, but they have their own hospital ... see if you do rotations there which will make clinicals much easier.
  4. by   Larry2016
    PS. General rule of thumb for masters... 4 hrs study per one hour of academic class time. For research...plan on 25 to 35 hours to write paprrs including research, writing, editing, revising