Transfer Credit and DARS

  1. Arguing a class. Basically, OU has my nutrition class from my associate degree listed as fulfilling a pre-req requirement. However, on my DARS it is not listed as being fulfilled. It was a 2 semester credit hour class whereas NUTR 1000 is a 3 semester credit class. However, OU is still advertising that my class that I took from my associate degree program (a partner school) fulfills that requirement. Instead, OU gave me technical credit.

    Who do you normally email for an issue related to the DARS? I've emailed my advisor on several occasions on different matters but he has never responded to me once. I've also tried the email and I just emailed the

    It's the only class that didn't transfer over, but I am not really liking the idea of taking nutrition again. Plus it's still being advertised as being accepted.
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  3. by   cincinursemary
    I would check with the registrar's office if you do not get a response back from the program chair.
  4. by   applesxoranges
    They fixed it! I'm happy.
  5. by   cincinursemary
    Good for you!