Roll Call 4580 Leadership, Starting 3/25/13

  1. Next on the list is Leadership in Nursing, who's in?
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  3. by   evieinco
    I am!
  4. by   iwantmore
    Me too!!
  5. by   MSTRN
    Me too.
  6. by   SeminoleRN
    I'm in! Hoping its not too bad, taking with 4570.
  7. by   bushrn75
    I am running towards this class with open arms, it better not let me down!!!
  8. by   Frills
    Does anyone know if Leadership has quizzes or tests? This is my last nursing class!!
  9. by   emergencyken
    I'll be suffering right alongside you guys. (taking Diversity-4570 also)
  10. by   EmJeanRN
    I am also in this class. There was a long thread about this class the last time it was offered. Many feel it was second worst to Evidence based nursing class. The thread was deleted by Allnurses because people were posting answers to test questions.

    Last class for me. Hallelujah.
  11. by   tstss05
    I'm in. for me this will be my second class at OU, I am currently finishing 4510 (and truth be told Im here on all nurses suffering writers block for my final paper on healthcare teams). so I am hoping this leadership class is not as bad as some have eluded to. I am trying to keep an open mind
  12. by   NBanasz1
    Really? It seems as though we are going from one REALLY bad class to another. Ughhh! I think the only class I really enjoyed was music. Other than that, whatever class I am currently taking always seems like the worst.
  13. by   ynursed
    I am in and this is my last class also! So excited!!!!
  14. by   jandm855
    Im in also!