RFPD 1100 Fashion and Culture at OU

  1. Has anyone recently taken Fashion and Culture at OU? The only info regarding the class is from like 2012. Does anybody know if it hard, and are there proctored exams? This is my last class and I will be done with my RBN to BSN. I hope it is not too terribly hard.
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  3. by   Danyelle717
    I took it in 2012, so I don't have any recent experience, but I hated that class lol!! I don't remember my professor's name (if I saw it, I would recognize it), but she was knowledgeable and communicated well with me if I had any questions. I remember writing a lot of 5 page papers and the exams were proctored. I probably put more time into that class than my core nursing class that semester. It could be different now though! As an extra piece of info- I am not fashion forward or savvy lol!! So... I should have chosen a different humanities class.