Ohio University PETE 2000 Cultural Perspectives & Physical Activity

  1. Has anyone taken and have any info about PETE 2000, Cultural Perspectives & Physical Activity class that fulfills the cross cultural requirement? Looking for a class that isn't too time consuming and doesn't have proctored exams. Thanks for the help.
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  3. by   jbenedum
    Did you end up taking PETE 2000? Any thoughts?
  4. by   Jennavive
    I took it during the Fall semester. It is a lot of work.. a lot of lengthy discussion board posts, readings, and assignments. No harder than the other nursing classes, but no less work, either.
  5. by   zzCincyRNzz
    I thought it was super easy. It took an hour or two a week. Cake.
  6. by   ABDMommy
    I have to agree with Jennavive! I'm in Pete 2000 now, and the DB posts are lengthy and not that easy to answer! Wish the class wasn't so long!