4530 March '14 Roll Call

  1. Does anyone else start Family in 2 weeks? Any words of wisdom from someone been/ there done that?
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  3. by   WillyNilly
    It is busy with a case family study . It is doable and at times may seem like you have answered the questions previous weeks but are asked to answer them again. Glad it's done!
  4. by   cincinursemary
    When do you find out what family case study you have? Is there anything I can do to get a head start?
  5. by   ShantheRN
    This was a pretty easy one. Kinda boring, but my case study family didn't have much going on. I kept wanting to add in a drug addiction, some cancer, something! lol I think they assign your family in the second week. Nothing really to get a head start on.