Toledo: UTMC vs. TTH, please share experiences

  1. For those RNs who have worked for The University of Toledo Medical Center (formerly MUO and MCO) and/or for The Toledo Hospital, please share your thoughts with someone who's trying to select one to work for. Thanks.
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    Hey Tangelo!

    My screen name is a little out-dated! I am no longer a student at MUO! I am an alumni!! Woo HOO! I moved to Columbus after graduation and now work in the NICU at Riverside BUT I did work at TTH and did a lot of clicals there and as my name says, went to school at MUO! What unit are you looking into? MUO is great for trauma or surgical nursing for sure! TTH has more a general look on things. I really enjoyed their L/D department, but then again, that's just my field, ya know? Let me know if you have more of a specific desire of a field of nursing and I can maybe help ya some more!! Thanks!