Timeline for Out-of-state License by exam

  1. Hello Ohio nurses,

    I am about to graduate in December and have been offered a new grad job in Ohio so I am planning to apply for Ohio RN license.

    I have applied on BON and now it says "in review".
    I summited fingerprint cards to BCI and they confirmed they have received it, but it is still not in their system.

    I am wondering if anyone had experience with BCI and the BON and can offer some insights on the timeline on the process.

    1. How likely would BCI reject the fingerprint cards quality? how soon would I find out? If so, I would rather go to Ohio and do it electronically. Would they get the results instantly if I were doing the webcheck?

    2. Would the BON ever tell you they received the background check results or the transcript? If so, how can I find out?

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