Thoughts on Columbus State admission??

  1. Has anyone heard back about admission?? They opened admission all the way through to Spring of 2019!!
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  3. by   BrittChez
    I spoke to the health and human service advisors last week and was told that as long as you meet the minimum criteria it is first come first serve as far as what semester you'll get accepted into. I have a friend that somehow applied the first day it was open (despite the site crashing multiple times) and received her acceptance letter yesterday for the autumn 17 cohort.

    Im still waiting and harassing the mailman daily...
  4. by   caw1993
    I just got my letter! Let me know when you hear, I am sure it will be soon!
  5. by   BrittChez
    Congratulations! Mine came on Wednesday!!! I'm admitted to Spring 2018! So excited! I have 4 basic/general classes left so the extra semester is super helpful!