stna training in central ohio->help??

  1. Hi all! This is my first post, I just now registered because I hope that someone can help me find a trining program, or just who to go to to find a program. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    I'm not in school anymore, so I can't find through "my school."

    I'm looking for an STNA training program in central Ohio, I'm willing to look at facility-based or non-facility-based training. Any ideas??

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  3. by   buckeyenursey
    You might try some local nursing homes, several will put you through the 2 weeks of schooling and training for free, if you are hired. Also try a vocational/technical center they charge around $800- 1,000 for training. I'm in the Zanesville area, and there is a company called Zandex that has several nursing homes that trains STNA's. Good luck!
  4. by   chorkiechop
    Thanks to replying to me! I ended up getting frustrated with my search, I ran out of ideas. I ended up calling the Ohio Department of Health and their sending me a list of who will do the training in Franklin and Delaware counties. That info should be to me tomorrow. I also took another friend's suggestion and tried the nursing home she used to work at, but they don't offer training courses anymore But thanks for the suggestion, maybe I'll just call some nursing homes nearby instead of going to visit them...