school pin lost trumbull memorial hospital 1976

  1. Hi , I graduated from nursing TMH nursing school in 1976. My daughter is about to graduate from nursing school, and wants to be pinned with my pin, but after many moves, I can't seem to locate it. Does anyone know if these are available at all, or do I just not bother? Thanks, Susan (Parker) Johns
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  3. by   emllpn2006
    If that school is still open maybe you could contact them and find out who they order there pins through now. They may be able to back date a pin for you to be like yours but it still would not be the same as being yours. I know at my school one of our instructors graduated from the same school about 25 years ago and for out pictures we wore her pin. It was the exact same as ours but we did not have the date on the front our initials and date were engraved on the back.