S.T.N.A. / H.H.A giving meds through a g tube??

  1. I work for a company in Ohio and my boss has recently given me a client with a tube and has asked me to do feeds and meds including but not limited to morphine every 4 hrs. She says it's fine because he's under the care of a hospice nurse who puts his pills in a pill box that we then take out and crush up and his wife (not a nurse) is there supervising us. Sounds sketchy to me. When I got my S.T.N.A. I was told to never never never pass meds. She makes me feel as tho I should be competent enough to do this and tho I'm smart I am not trained to do these things at all. I think it's time to quit am I right?? This is not ok at all right??
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  3. by   JustForKeeps22
    Absolutely not. As an STNA, that is out of your scope of practice.
  4. by   applesxoranges
    There is a medication administration cert that some STNAs get. I don't remember specifically if they can pass meds in the home setting if they were set up by the RN. I'm not seeing a clear cut answer on the board's site but I didn't dig too deep. I think the problem falls under he cannot self-administer the meds.