Roll Call For Lpn Students Starting April 07'!!

  1. I'll be starting LPN school in April 07' at Scarlet Oaks (Diamond oaks) on April 16th 2007!
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  3. by   msngrad
    August 7, 2007 -- Canton City Schools
  4. by   dysmnesia1
    a little early of rio grande-january 8, 2007
  5. by   newbeginnings07
    LPN to RN 1+1 program April 07 Bohecker College Of Nursing,Cincinnati
  6. by   Belzbubba22
    Toledo School of Practical Nursing 03/27/07!!!
  7. by   mistydave
    I am starting rets tech center on the 1 + 1 program. Start April 23rd, I am so excited! Dayton, Ohio
  8. by   ksrose1
    I started in August of 07 and I'm still going. I am taking it real slow. I should complete by 2009 if I keep going at this snail pace. I am just taking one or two classes at a time. I am currently working in the hospital full time, in a new marriage and work part time as an LMT. I just can't seem to keep it all together.......