RN LTC salaires for new grads in OH?

  1. I got my license a couple months ago.
    The shine has worn off quite a bit from that initial euphoria ...what with no call backs from any applications etc
    I have increased my applications to include LTC etc
    I wanted to know what are the current salaries for OH new grad RNs in LTC..anyone please share or pm me ..in the cincy - dayton areas
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  3. by   luvmyguys
    Where in Ohio are you? I got a job as a new grad in a LTC/rehab facility making 24 an hour.
  4. by   luvmyguys
    sorry-saw the cincy-dayton area. You might be better off cold calling and emailing-writing about yourself than filling out apps. I filled out soo many-I think that most were tossed to the side. I started emailed facilities and including any and everything positive about myself.

    I also redid my resume focusing around everything that I did in clinicals and school-really tried to sell myself. I did get a job, too. Good luck to you.