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  1. Hey, I am a 33 year old guy. I have a background as a CNA, Dialysis Tech. and Mental Health Tech. Now I am an LPN and charge nurse at a residential psychiatric facility. I would love to find some friends in the nusing field in this area, the Ohio Valley, close to wheeling, to chat with or correspond. We only have so many nurses in our facility and I don't get as much medical stuff as I would like. Just want to share ideas and learn some things. I am thinking about getting a second job to gain some more experience. Any ideas. Also looking for a good LPN-RN online in this area. If I can't find it I might just go back to regular college.
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    Not exactly in your area but will chat when able.

    Residential psych? Elderly or mixed? Usual patient load? Worked almost 4 years psych. Was O.K. but heart is med/surg.