Need info regarding jobs!

  1. I am seriously considering moving back home to Dayton, Ohio area from California. The pay is great here but I am having some family issues that need my attention.
    Everything thing I am seeing posted here is school relatedand I need info about jobs. Although I have worked in the Dayton area I am open to Columbus also.
    Any input is greatly appreciated. I have 20+yrs and would like to know the pay too. I currently work Tele nights in Northern CA.
    Thanks all.
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  3. by   christieb01
    Jobs for new grads are pretty tough to find but I would say with your experience you would probably have an easier time finding a job. The hospitals in the area are either part of Premier Health or Kettering Health Network (except the Children's hospital). If you want names of hospitals send me a pm. What area of nursing are you interested in? I can only speak to a new grad pay- sorry. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.