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  1. Good Morning,
    There is a gentleman in the Dayton, Ohio area that has developed a NCELX RN review program. Myself and many other 4 th term ADN students are interested in his services. Would anyone know who this is and contact information? Please send me a private message if you have any information. I really appreciate it.

    7 weeks and counting
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  3. by   cardiac.cure03
    I know this guy named Mark Klimek has a well known NCLEX review program in my area (Dayton). I didn't take it, but some of my friends did and I got notes off em. Just the notes helped out sooo much. I strongly encourage him. I don't know any contact info for him.

    Actually, I just searched him on the web and still didn't find any numbers for him or anything. But it looks like he's a professor at cedarville univ. I also think I've heard he teaches at sinclair too. So call those 2 schools and ask if they have any contact info for him.

    Good luck to you!