Mount Saint Joseph University MAGELIN program

  1. I will be starting my first semester of the MAGELIN program at MSJ next week and I am super nervous and not sure what to expect. I consider myself to be smart and have managed to get very good grades in the past, but I'm not sure what I should focus on or the best way to study.

    If anyone has any tips, advice, or comments about any of the classes or the program in general, I would greatly appreciate them.

    And if anyone else in my cohort or other cohorts is on here I'd love to get in touch. I'm moving to Cincinnati tomorrow and don't know anyone there yet.
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  3. by   Lhalty
    I am planing to start soon as well at the MSJ, how is it going with you? is the program intense?
  4. by   kiknox
    I will be starting in May, how is it going?
  5. by   Krisss
    Hi! I'm also applying to this program for the August '18 Cohort. Do you know if every applicant receives an interview or if they are highly selective?