LPN New Grad wage scale/Nursing home

  1. Just curious if anyone found a great site, or just know the ranges in pay here in ohio..

    Is $16/hr base a decent rate?
    With a $2 increase for a second shift position..
    Just trying to figure out where to work..

    Wish I could find some comparison tools for the wages and also places that offer 12 hr shifts.
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  3. by   charebec65
    There is a link on this website that gives you average salaries. You choose the job and the city/area and state
  4. by   casey12873
    I started out as an LPN in the Dayton area at $17.50 plus the 8 hour bonus, which averaged out to be around $20/hr. I have never made less than $19/hr since I've graduated. My girlfriend that graduated with me took another job making $16/hr at a Bellbrook facility, has been there over a year, and still makes around the same amount. I just tell my employers at my interviews what my pay expectations are, and they match it.