Kent State Accelerated BSN Fall 09

  1. Hi! Anyone applying to KSU's fall 09 accelerated BSN program? I applied to the Summer session, but didn't realize my one chem class didn't count as a prereq, so I'm taking organic chem this summer. Hope I get in this time!!

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  3. by   lovegoddess1977
    I completed my ADN at Kent East Liverpool campus. I am in the process of enroling for the RN-BSN program. I only have 4 pre req's to take. I think that I am going to take my time and just go part time. I work two jobs right now and i think that I will only be able to do two classes! I want it over with FAST!
  4. by   Ireynolds87
    hey did you get into the program I just applied for the summer 2010 cohort
  5. by   KMRNOCN
    I've also applied to the Summer 2010 program. Any information would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance.