How long did it take you to get a full time job?

  1. I keep hearing more and more about how colleges will fudge the numbers to make it seem that more recent alums are employed. I am trying to get a realistic idea of how long it would take me to obtain a full time job after earning a BSN. I am in Columbus, and moving is not an option, so I would be stuck applying to hospitals in a 45 mile radius. So, when did you graduate, and when did you get a full time position? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   windowrn
    Graduated 6/7 from ADN program
    Took NCLEX 7/10
    ful time job offered/accepted on 7/18

    That being said, a significant portion of my graduating class does not yet have a job offer.
  4. by   ohionurse913
    I had a prn job a month after i passed my boards. Didnt receive a ft position until 10 months later! Best of luck!
  5. by   jennylouwho
    A friend just graduated in May, finally got her test day in July, passed and had three job offers (ft) within a week.