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  1. :smiletea2: Hi everyone...I am wondering if anyof you are in Ohio and know of places that offer IV therapy certification classes. I wish I had taken it while I was in school....did not realize how much I would need it!!! Thanks
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    sorry can't help with your question but wanted to say
  4. by   iwannabearn
    not sure which area of Ohio But there is a school called butler tech that offers it.
  5. by   old1guitar
    I saw a post in Washington forum that suggests going to the pharmacy that supplies your facility-if it is LTC. I would also sugest going to nursing spectrum, I saw some certification classes for IV I think I saw one in Illonois. One job I applied for said that they have someone come in and give certification classes, that does you no good because I live in Washington, but maybe you can find a job that will give it to you.

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